What we are trying to do?

We recognise that all young people may need support at different ages and stages as they go through life from cradle to career, in order to be safe and well supported, be healthy, achieve well academically and to have strong relationships and social networks. 

We support local young people who may be facing barriers to learning, especially with their social and emotional wellbeing; broaden their access to a range of extra-curricular activities; and offer leadership development opportunities to them.  We work with young people on both an individual and group basis, as well as facilitating peer support between young people.


How we are doing this?

Our work is focused on: 

  • Collaborating with school staff to support students’ attendance, personal, social and emotional development, and attainment.
  • Collaborating with community partners to engage young people in a wide range of sport and personal development activities, as part of the Laureus Model City initiative, Brentford Football Club, Harlequins, Sport Impact and more. 
  • Offering youth leadership programmes, for example through London Youth.
  • Working in partnership with the London Borough of Hounslow and local youth services to ensure local young people have access to the support they need.
  • Building the school enrichment programmes to help give options and opportunities to young people. The programmes that have been built o far offer a wealth of extracurricular opportunities including, coding, cycling, football, martial arts, dance, performing arts, Art and much more. 

The difference we make:

An evaluation of our youth engagement work undertaken by our embedded PhD researcher found that the young people felt that the activities had helped them to:

  1. Feel part of something, and feel accepted, supported and safe
  2. Learn new things
  3. Better express themselves and develop leadership skills
  4. Become better people and feel more confident
  5. Make new friends
  6. Better understand healthy relationships
  7. Develop greater understanding of all forms of exploitation
  8. Help more in the local community