What we are trying to do?

Our perinatal offer supports parents with children aged 0-4 and is focused on reducing parental stress; promoting positive mental and physical health and wellbeing; encouraging social connection and peer support; and information sharing. Our Perinatal Lead builds strong relationships with parents in order to provide continuity of care and to support them to access different levels of care at different stages.


How we are doing this? 

Our work is focused on: 

  • Hosting antenatal and postnatal workshops
  • Providing antenatal education classes to develop parents’ ability to make informed decisions 
  • Connecting new parents through WhatsApp groups
  • Offering tailored, one-to-one support to encourage and develop early language and promote positive, nurturing play techniques
  • Leading pregnancy and postnatal ‘walk and talks’

The difference we make: 

Quotes from parents:

“I was amazed to see how many new mothers are nearby me and may be feeling the same as me: lonely, tired, wanting to talk to others and of course loving their babies. I used to think that I am the only one who is going through this especially in this pandemic. Now I believe I can make friends and have someone to talk to!”

“I want to thank you for the opportunity to join your <antenatal> classes during these months. It is the only thing that is helping me to go through the pain.”

“I noticed my son is saying more syllables than he used to. I don't feel that worried anymore that he isn't talking yet! Overall we both are looking forward to our next session!”

Quotes from professionals: 

“Just to say thank you to you and your team, you have had such a positive impact with clients referred to you, not only have you helped them but also aided us in providing a continuous package of support care.”

“You have been an invaluable service and to have the communication is by far better than with other services.”